It was with great sadness that Dem Tull's founder Julie Christian passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Ever since its inception she was the driving force behind it and despite having a busy schedule she managed to keep it going.  Hence Dem Tull's website is dedicated in the memory of Julie as well as well as Toge Young who passed away in 2011.

            Julie was born on May 13th, 1953, the daughter of Ben and Irma Christian.  Raised with three siblings she grew up on Pitcairn Island before eventually moving overseas to New Zealand for schooling.  She ended up settling permanently in New Zealand.

            She was a devoted mother to her son Benjamin and she always did her utmost for him and brought him up to be a fine young man.  She always maintained contact with her family on Pitcairn and was always seen in Pitcairn Island gatherings in New Zealand.  Beside that she made many trips to her homeland to see family and friends.

            Her support for Pitcairn in the hard times in recent years was unceasing, and with strong strength and determination she fought for Pitcairn tooth and nail.  The most lasting of her efforts was the formation of "Dem Tull," a monthly newsletter about Pitcairn Island, which she continued to work on right until the end.  She passed away on May 3rd, 2014 but Dem Tull lives on.

Julie with fellow Pitcairners Desmond Christian, Brian Young and Kean Warren.

Christmas at Julies.

Visiting Pitcairn and gossiping with Melva Evans and Brian Young.

Julie and the most precious thing in her life.  Her son Benjamin.